Crisis Communications and Issues Management

Crisis Management

In this always-on era, businesses need to see round corners to anticipate and respond rapidly to potential and emerging crises. Weber Shandwick’s crisis and issues management team helps clients across Europe develop a culture of preparedness to effectively manage any situation and protect their brand and reputation.

To ensure you are as prepared as possible, we develop crisis plans, provide training and run crisis simulation exercises that include our proprietary social crisis simulator, Firebell, which creates an authentic, real-time experience of being attacked across social media channels. We also prepare leaders to handle tough questions from the media, legislative committees, investor meetings, employee gatherings and other challenging situations.

If a crisis breaks, we are on call 24/7 to provide expert counsel and practical support to help you respond rapidly to any issue, from the most dramatic disasters to complex litigation. We’ll then work closely with your communications teams during the post-crisis recovery phase.

We provide counsel to companies across Europe to help them prepare for and respond to a wide range of crises, including:

  • Local and multi-country product issues, such as recalls and market exits
  • Labour relations, including negotiations, strikes, unionisation campaigns, integrations and plant closures
  • Major litigation and government investigations, especially intellectual property, competition, discrimination, fraud and international disputes
  • Environmental, health and safety issues, including sourcing and supply chain issues and natural and man-made disasters
  • Financial situations, including M&A, bankruptcies and restructurings
  • Executive issues, including management changes, compensation issues, departures and wrongdoing
  • Digital issues, such as data loss, online campaigns and hacking.
Our expertise in social media ensures that clients successfully manage crises and issues across all fronts in the digital age.