Employee Engagement & Change Management

Engaged, inspired employees help advance an organisation’s mission and effectiveness.

Employees are a company’s first and most powerful advocates. Your employees can execute or impede business strategy; deliver or withhold the brand promise to customers; interact with trade unions and social groups; talk to the media and the community; and influence friends and family to support or boycott the company’s stock, products or services. As never before, every employee is now a global broadcaster for your organisation.

Whether you’re building one powerful brand voice, rolling out a change management initiative or communicating your corporate vision, your success will depend on your ability to engage employees and activate them as advocates on your behalf. Weber Shandwick places employee engagement at the centre of our approach as a proven means to improve employee satisfaction, retention and productivity. In fact, we know that satisfied employees are on average 30% less likely to leave, and employees with a high level of engagement are 38% more likely to have above-average productivity.

The Employee Engagement & Change Management specialty at Weber Shandwick helps clients manage two of their most precious assets − their people and their reputations. Through seasoned counsel, strategies, programs, and tactics, we expertly deliver across organisational, cultural and geographic boundaries. Our employee communications campaigns enable organisations to:

  • Align people and purpose around the company’s vision, mission and brand voice
  • Foster a culture consistent with company vision
  • Drive organisational change
  • Cascade information effectively and efficiently throughout an organisation.

Big organisational changes like mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, restructurings, downsizings, shared services consolidations, or technology shifts lead to employee uncertainty, anxiety and organisational paralysis. Conversely, these types of organisational shifts can help build loyalty, advocacy and high morale through culture building, leadership communications, employee advocacy campaigns, internal branding campaigns, employee events, training, digital communications and reputation management.

Weber Shandwick’s unique approach to Employee Engagement & Change Management, combined with our collective experience and expertise, helps clients in a wide range of industries engage employees and move their organisations forward. Our proprietary framework focuses on organisational alignment and internal sponsorship to drive change and impact behaviour.

We deliver a strategic roadmap to motivate employees and drive positive changes that generate success for organisations worldwide.