Executive Equity & Engagement

We build and leverage executive engagement in support of key business goals.

Most clients intuitively understand that executives are their most important storytellers, but most lack a process to engage their executives to further their business – Executive Equity & Engagement is Weber Shandwick’s proprietary process to deliver on that promise. It’s built on a four-phase approach:

Building on a thorough Landscape Assessment to establish the business and competitive context in which the company’s senior leaders will be seen and heard, we define the Executive Equity to establish what the executive stands for and how that connects to the larger corporate business goals. This can be done for one executive, usually the CEO; however, it is most powerful when done for the “portfolio” of key executives who will be engaged in the corporate storytelling and engagement. As part of this work, we prioritise key audiences and develop a Message Track to guide the executive’s communications both internally and externally.

We then build a Strategic Engagement Plan to place the executive in the right place, at the right time, with the right story. These are proactive, intentional choices about where the executive should appear and engage and include a mix of speaking and events, traditional and social media, and awards and recognition. For each choice, we include a detailed Execution “Playbook” to take full advantage of each engagement to accomplish business goals. We perform routine and rigorous Measurement of progress against stated goals using a mix of quantitative and qualitative measures, including some of the third-party credentials that we help our clients pursue.

Specialty areas of expertise include:

  • Competitive benchmarks
  • Equity definition and statement
  • Message track
  • Thought leadership platforms
  • Engagement plan development
  • Execution “Playbook”
  • Venues and events
  • Rankings and awards. 
This integrated approach substantially increases the company’s overall visibility and aligns all leaders with common messaging against common business goals.