Reputation Management

It can take decades to build a reputation, but only an instant to damage it.

There is perhaps nothing more precious, or more intangible, than a reputation.

Today, it’s life under a magnifying glass for companies and their leaders. No ethical lapse, moral shortcoming or other misstep − real or perceived − goes unnoticed thanks to the convergence of globalisation, instantaneous news and online citizen journalism that magnifies any wrongdoing or error.

To help clients work toward the best outcomes (but prepare for the worst), our global Reputation Management services cover the full range of reputational issues − from creating and maintaining an enduring reputation to recovering reputation after a crisis to managing reputations online to building CEO reputations.

We help clients build and protect the value of their reputations with services that include:

  • Trends in the reputation landscape
  • Reputation diagnostics
  • Reputation surveys among key stakeholders
  • CEO reputation-building/First 100 Day Plans
  • Social CEO planning and execution
  • Executive thought leadership platforms
  • Reputation vulnerability audits
  • Reputation recovery and repair. 

Corporations have quickly realised that reputation is a major contributor to market value. A hit to an organisation’s reputation can have real, long-standing negative impacts to the bottom line.

Because it is more difficult to recover from a reputation failure then it is to build and maintain reputations, safeguards need to be in place to help even the most respected organisations preserve and protect their reputations.

New rules of engagement apply today when it comes to an institution’s reputation. We help clients build and enhance reputations, engage with stakeholders and the public through social media, identity the triggers of reputation failure, safeguard reputation and implement actionable reputation management strategies.